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Make your travel easier


We provide you with the best technology to avoid any wrong choice or loss of time and to make you enjoy your holyday or your business trip completely. The GPS is the right solution for your trip, with up to date and easy to use maps.


Our vehicles can be equipped with:
• Infant Seat for children under one year aged and within 9 kg of weight.
• Baby Seat for children within 9 and 18 kg of weight and under one meter height.
• Booster Seat for children within 18 kg and 36 kg of weight and under 1,5 meter height.


You can choose how to return the car, but we know that you might be in a hurry or go to the gas station might be unconfortable and so on. So we have thought a product that may be for you. A prepaid fuel tank charged at the same best rate offered from the nearest gas station.


Our internet mobile WiFi devices allows connection with bandwidth up to 21 MB, unlimited traffic on UMTS/HSDPA/GPS. You can connect up to 5 different devices: IPAD, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop. Rechargeable via USB or charger supply. Easy to use, no additional software installation required.


From November 15 to April 30 , on most of italian territory, it is mandatory to use winter equipment.

Our vehicles can be easily equipped with:
• Snow Chain
• Snow Tyres reservable 72h in advance as minimum with immediate payment online. Reservation will be confirmed and guaranteed.
• Winter Fuel Protection for diesel engine: single – serve product.

Customer Service

All WOWrent accessories can be booked via email or hired at rent location.


"People don't take trips, trips take people"

— John Ernst Steinbeck

Rental Stations


Via dei Fabbri, 5
07026 Olbia (OT)
M +39 392 9087572


Via T. Congiu, 5
09030 Elmas (CA)
M +39 070 241132


Via S. Giuseppe la Rena
95121 Catania (CT)
M +39 392 9929584


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